How To Troubleshoot Water Pressure Loss In Your Bathroom

how to troubleshoot water pressure loss in your bathroom People look forward to taking a shower after a long, stressful and exhausting day as it helps freshen up and reduces stress and pains. However, a shower without adequate water pressure is no good.

When only one fixture has low water pressure, it’s likely that the problem can be remedied if you just focus on fixing that one fixture or the pipes serving it.But widespread water pressure issues affecting the whole house indicate different problems. If your home water pressure seems low, then the first thing to do is to narrow down the cause.

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Here are the things that cause bathroom water pressure loss and how to troubleshoot them. First: take a look at your pressure regulator. Your pressure regulator is a valve that makes sure your water isn’t so pressurized that it damages your pipes. If yours is malfunctioning, all the bathroom fixtures in …

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