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If you are reading this – you are probably having a plumbing emergency so all you need to know is this:

  • Emergency call out 24 hours
  • Reliable 24 hour
  • Edinburgh City & surrounding areas
  • Free quotations & plumbing and heating advice
  • Throughout City Of Edinburgh
  • Reliable while providing the highest quality
  • Central Heating Repairs
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Refits
  • Blocked Toilet & Drains
  • Blocked Sinks
  • Water Leak
  • Bathroom Installations
  • Edinburgh Based

We deal with emergency plumbing and gas heating engineer jobs every day. Whether you have broken pipes or water is flooding your home, the toilet has broken or the drain was blocked and the smell is becoming unbearable – our team of 24 hours Edinburgh plumbing contractor and heating engineer. We can be at your door in an emergency within one hour regardless what time of the day it is.

For any non-urgent plumbing jobs, contact a Edinburgh plumber using the contact form

What to do in an emergency

Plumbing emergencies are typically experienced by individuals all the time. Lots of people panic when they see they have burst pipes. Some others might choose to deal with the problems by themselves and also can end up triggering more damage than previously existed.

It is important to call the appropriate emergency plumber for a solution when you have an issue. On the other hand, you can assess the situation while you wait on assistance, and aid minimise the damages that can be done to your home.

Keeping the call of an expert local plumbing professional is essential in regards to emergencies. By doing this, with simply a phone call, help comes. Below are some emergency situation tips that can assist you handle a plumbing emergency situation while you wait on assistance.


1. Turn off the water

Shut off the water – During pipes emergency situations, the first thing to do would certainly be to shut down the water shutoff. Depending upon the nature of the emergency situation – if it is a minor one, maybe in the toilet, you can turn off the supply of water because location. If you do not know just how severe the problem is, you can turn off the primary shutoff (stop cock) that brings water right into your house.

2. Examine the water heater

Examine the water heater – Major emergency situations require you to switch off the hot water heater. This will certainly protect against damages to the device, and also you can do this after shutting off the primary water valve. It likewise avoids overheating and also succeeding bursting of the valve. If you have a gas hot water heater, the gas must be shut off first.

3. Control little leaks

Control small leaks – Small leaks, when spotted, can be easy to manage. You can pack cloths or old towels in them, or place vacant containers to accumulate the water, or perhaps tape it close with plumbing’s tape( supplied you have one). Bear in mind of the place of these leaks and also notify the plumbing technician once they get here.

4. Open up drains pipes and faucets

Open drains pipes and also spigots – Even after switching off the shutoffs, water will remain in the pipelines. To be on the secure side, drain the water away from your residence by opening any type of spigots outside your house. This will certainly eliminate the water in the pipelines. If there is a clog, possibly, you can utilise a plunger. Avoid chemicals or chemical cleansers throughout emergencies to avoid making issues worse before the plumbing technician gets here.

5. Call and also listen

Call and also Listen – Depending on the emergency situation’s nature, some individuals do not remember to call plumbers when it happens. Regardless of exactly how distressed you could be, always try to call a plumbing professional during an emergency situation. You will certainly get aid as well as suggestions, and likewise the extent of the circumstance. You can be asked to leave your home if the situation seems dangerous. Please be suggested to do whatever you are informed to do by the emergency call out plumber.

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NEW SERVICE – Drainage unblocking and drainage cleaning covering Edinburgh

What type of work we can do:

  • Emergency Repairs
  • Blocked Sinks
  • Blocked Toilet
  • Pipe Repairs With Tracing
  • Toilets and drians
  • Frozen Pipe Repairs
  • Shower Installations
  • Bathroom And Kitchens
  • Water Drainage Problems
  • Dripping Tap Repairs And Replacements
  • Electric and Pressure Shower Repairs And Installs
  • Power Showers Install
  • Washing Machine Installation
  • Dish Washer Installation
  • Waste Disposal Repair
  • Drain Unblocking (Shower, Bath, Sinks, Outside Drain)
  • Down Pipe Clearing
  • Boiler Repair
  • Emergency Boiler Repair

The last thing you want is water damage to your house due to leaking pipes, so call a local plumber in Edinburgh now and our plumbing experts will be with you right away. We deal with all aspects of plumbing repairs.

We cover all of Edinburgh and some of the surrounding towns and villages.

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Why Choose Us Over Other Edinburgh Plumbers ?

Edinburgh is known for its culture, nightlife and shopping. we are friendly and like to think us as part of the community.

If you are searching for “emergency plumber Edinburgh” we believe you should choose us as your local 24 hour emergency plumbers due to the high service standards, our fantastic response times, our great customer service, and our fair and honest pricing.

Being a local business of local plumbers we work hard to be among the best in Edinburgh, Leith and Blackford, and we always put our customers first every time for your plumbing needs 24 hour emergency.

We also cover most of the smaller towns in Edinburgh. We are not one of those larger companies who like to rip people off with call outs etc, we are small run plumbing and heating business who value your custom.

If you are looking for honest Edinburgh plumbing service, we are here to help!

Whether you would like a free quote or just need a reliable Edinburgh plumber quickly to carry out repairs to your boiler or to upgrade your boiler, or to fix a leak, please contact us for more details.

Give us a call today or simply fill in the contact form on this website and we will try to reply to you within a short time.

If it’s an emergency plumbing service you need please call first and leave a message.

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Bill T


They were quick and reliable from the start, if you’r looking for reliable Edinburgh plumbers then use these guys


Sarah H


We needed a plumber for a recent bathroom fitting we tried to install our self which went wrong!! we called them and  they were here within an hour, simply fantastic service 

#1 Plumbers In Edinburgh – 5 Star Rated

5 Star Rated Service Plumbers Edinburgh

What We Do

We cover all aspects of plumbing repairs, from fixing burst pipes and leaking radiators to tap replacements and shower installs and repairs. No job is too small. Remember, all of our work is fully guaranteed.

Our Edinburgh Based Plumber Services

We provide a 24 Hour Emergency Local Plumber Service throughout Edinburgh area so that you can be sure to call us and we will be there ASAP. We service the whole of Edinburgh city and offer first class plumbing services to all our customers.

We are the professional experienced Plumbers in Edinburgh. We are fast and reliable while providing the highest quality service to all our Customers.

If your needing a emergency plumbing repair done or just looking for some plumbing work to be carried out from , fitting a new radiator, plumbing in a dishwasher , washing machine or completely new bathroom installation supplied and fitted we can provide you with an FREE estimate.

We have lots of happy Customers rated on Google with a 5 star rating. We pride ourselves on providing the best service and want to be know to be the Best Plumbers In Edinburgh.

If your looking for the best recommended emergency plumber in Edinburgh we can help you and are on call 24 hours a day.

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Common types of emergencies

Instances of Plumbing Emergencies

Pipes emergency situations vary from light to serious to straight-out harmful. Recognizing what kind of emergency situation you have is one means to determine which action to take at any kind of factor. Emergency situations can range from water from an undefined resource to issues you could not even recognize what it is about or how to handle. Whichever it is, you can put a call to us at Emergency situation Plumbing London for fast as well as dependable plumbing solution. Below are some typical emergencies that can need a call to us.

Trickling Faucets/ faucets.

Trickling Taps/ tapsThese are fairly common with time, as well as might not be emergencies. Nevertheless, relatively safe situations can turn into a full-blown leakage when wrenches are made use of on its shut-off shutoff. Wrenches can break the valve or perhaps stick them in an employment opportunity.

For tiny leaks, you can try shutting down the water with your hands. Or else, switch off the water inlet to your residence as well as analyze the tap. If it’s something you recognize with, see if you can try to fix it. If you are not so certain, call a plumbing to avoid even more problems.

Dripping pipes.

Dripping pipesLeaking pipelines need professional aid to replace or repair them. Do not try to try and repair it on your own utilizing patches or by putting chemicals down the tubes. This would just decrease professional aid as well as further make complex points.

The very best you can do is to shut off the primary valve into your home, leave the pipe alone and call us at Emergency Plumbing technician London for aid, as well as to check the remainder of the plumbing for added damages.

Very warm water.

Exceptionally warm waterSteaming, scalding hot water appearing of the shower head in your home can just suggest something; you are having problems with your water heater. It merely implies the water heater has overheated. What do you do? Shut off the hot water heater, activate the warm water faucets around your house to drain all the hot water, and require an emergency plumbing technician London.

Frozen pipes.

Frozen pipesThis normally takes place throughout chilly winter months periods. Various homes call-in every winter to report frozen pipes event. If you observe an icy pipeline in or outside your home, examine the pipeline very closely for damaged areas or sprite in the suitable that might have broken or pressed apart.

If you discover any kind of, call a plumber instantly. If you do not see any kind of damages, you can thaw it out with a hairdryer on low warmth. Note that you should not focus on one component just, yet attempt to equally disperse the warmth to the whole pipeline. Do not make use of any flame as this can cause injury to you or perhaps a major leakage.

You can stop pipelines from freezing by;

Insulating the pipelines by wrapping them.
Maintaining your residence at a cozy temperature level.
Separating attachments like garden hoses.
Opening up cupboards to assist warm air reach the pipes in your house.
Dripping water heater.

Dripping water heaterWater heating system leakages can result in wall and floor damages when the drip frying pan is promptly filled up. You can confirm by inspecting the water basin. If it is actually from the water heater, switch off the cold water inlet line quickly. In case you don’t understand where it is, it lies above or on the side of the hot water heater.

Switch off the major water shutoff itself as an added precaution, as well as call a plumber. Do not forget to turn off the hot water heater. This hinges on the type that you have.

Gas hot water heater: You ought to shut off the gas line. The gas line connects to a box-like velvet at the bottom of the hot water heater. It is commonly removed with black as well as yellow colours, with a lot of valves having a red handle and an arrow suggesting where to transform it off.
Electric water heater: This should be shut off at your breaker. Some water heaters have an accessible plug which you can disconnect after turning off the power at the breaker box.
You can drain the water at the end of the heating system by attaching a garden hose to the drainpipe valve. That is thinking the heating system is not located near a drain. If you do not understand any one of these treatments or are awkward with any of them, call an emergency situation plumbing technician the immediate you discover the issue. They will certainly show up swiftly to manage the circumstance.

Clogs and also plugs.

Some drains in the house empty gradually, and others might not empty in any way, which is a significant plumbing issue. Drains are made use of every time, and this makes obstructions very common. If your drainpipe clears gradually, you can try to open it up with a straight, smooth up-and-down plunger. If it does not work, attempt a chemical cleaner, that is properly labelled for your sort of clogged up drainpipe to clear any kind of build-up.

If it is totally obstructed, make use of a bettor initially, as well as if it begins to drain, you can proceed with a chemical cleaner. Never ever go directly with a chemical cleaner to a completely clogged drain. If this doesn’t function either, call us at Emergency Plumbing technician London, especially if the obstruction is bringing in the water back right into your home. This could be an indicator of major disaster like sewer backup.

Bathroom troubles.

Commode problemsThese are exceptionally common. Make use of a plunger if the toilet is clogged. If the plunger doesn’t function, ask for an emergency plumbing professional to avoid damage caused by wastewater. If the bathroom is running, you can open up the storage tank as well as inspect the various components like seal and flapper.

You can attempt to repair it or preferably call a plumber to do it. If there is a leak in the toilet dish, or on the flooring, call a plumbing professional immediately as leaks occur due to breakage and also significant plumbing issues. Note that the water valve should be turned off before you do any kind of work.

Waste smells.

Sewage like odor that turns up when the tap is activated, or from leaks typically indicates a trouble with the septic tank, sump pump or any other pipes. You could want to call a plumbing professional promptly. Do not attempt fixing it on your own as direct exposure to this can be dangerous to wellness.

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